about us

OMAQ is an ethical and sustainable babywear brand that aims to build a culture of celebrating the diverse ethnic heritage of the world through design.

Founded with great hope of raising better stewards of the world who will care for themselves, for each other, and for the planet.

The word 'omaq' simply means 'cute' in the Uyghur language - ئوماق.

we thrive to be objective 

While sourcing the fabrics for our products, we choose only the most reputable and sustainable fabric providers to ensure that fair trade and ethical standards have been met. Transparent pricing is just as important to us - we want you to know exactly what you are paying for.


we intend to be meaningful

The idea is to render beautiful meaning to the designs and illustrations on the clothing and items selected for our babies. And what is more meaningful than the diversity and richness of the world’s ethnic heritage? It is the knowledge and discovery of such diversity that instills open-mindedness and empathy in our babies. Hopefully through which, one day they will grow up valuing causes that make positive impacts to the world, just like we do. 


we create what is authentic

Throughout the transformation of our products’ design into their final form, we ensure all products have unique visuals and the finest technical details.  Each of our products has its own story to tell, simple and authentic.


we provide the best quality

We source the highest quality organic natural fabrics for the making of our products from Indonesia. Our fabrics are so soft and natural that they are not only friendly to our babies, but friendly to the environment as well. We want you to feel the luxury of what Indonesian fabrics have to offer.


our story

As a first-time mama, it was important for Guzelya Born and raised in Kazakhstan, Guzelya is a descendant of an ancient ethnic group of Turkic people from Central Asia - the Uyghurs. Having both parents from the full Uyghur background, her upbringing was built around the Uyghur language, traditions, culture, and Islam as a religion. After finishing her high school in Almaty, she and her family moved to Paris, France where she has built herself as an adult: studying at the French university, representing France in WASCO world championships, and becoming a French citizen. Passionate about the Islamic digital economy, she has actively been involved in startup industry curation initiatives in ASEAN. Today, Guzelya is based in Jakarta, Indonesia, married, and has a baby boy, Eldar. to raise her child with high moral values and familiarise him with his Uyghur Uyghurs were the first settlers and founders of civilization in Central Asia. A modern Uyghur nation results in a Turkic, majority-Muslim population. A land of fairy tales, a dreamland of mountains with glaciers, evergreen forests and alpine meadows, shifting sand deserts, Silk Road oases with bazaars and folk fairs, as well as old ruined cities. Uyghur culture is a tremendously rich culture combining various elements of other cultures that we have acquainted as the center of the remarkable Silk Road. Whether it is an Uyghur language, clothing, food, or music, each element of our culture tells its long story of creation, thriving, and now - surviving… background right from childhood so that he could be proud of the various aspects of his international identity and would never be afraid to celebrate them.

The year Guzelya became a mama, in 2020, the Uyghur crisis reached its peak. More and more human rights reports were exposing the involvement of various international brands in Uyghur forced labor (child labor inclusive) in the fashion and the textile industries in China (Xinjiang, former East Turkistan, supplying 80% of the cotton in China).

Her moral consciousness was hit hard. "How can I ever raise my child as a responsible steward of the world while I keep buying him clothes that are made as a result of the torture of other people?!"

She then started her search for babywear brands that are ethical, affordable, and cute! Much to her surprise, a tremendous number of local brands were still importing fabrics from China. These brands did not know what Guzelya knew - that Indonesia is the motherland of a plentiful variety of fabulous fabrics.

She knew something needed to be done. And there, the idea of OMAQ was born.

our vision

Today, humanity is undergoing crises in the forms of overconsumption, discrimination of minorities, negligence towards the planet, and lack of consciousness. Although many of us try to make a difference by leading a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle, it is still quite challenging for us to change certain ways of doing things that have been adopted over decades.Our idea of moving forward is to raise more informed future generations who will uphold stronger moral values and higher ethical standards, and want to live in a better world.

We believe that by instilling consciousness in our little ones, we will raise better stewards of the world. Those who will care for themselves will also care for those around them, and the planet.

This is why we started OMAQ - a movement, a philosophy, and a lifestyle that will evolve and grow together with our little ones by providing them with the most ethical and sustainable products, and by showing them the ethnic diversity of the world in which they live. In turn, we believe this will encourage them to learn, discover, respect both each other and the planet even more.

Wait and see, one day our OMAQ (cute) kids will make a real change and build a better world for all of us!